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Hello, coders!

Computer Science became one of the top professions and hobbies in the past two decades. Many people, especially website developers, are drawn to learn at least one programming language that will back up their written content. The programming language they opt for should be easy to grasp and use.

How It All Began

We were inspired by our own experience and example to share our story and advice with others who have a thing for computer science. Our example proves that anyone can learn a programming language. JavaScript was our choice since it plays in the top league of coding and scripting. We started out with no experience, but the many JavaScript facilities helped us to quickly catch up on the basics, step by step. JavaScript offers many facilitators and tools which make programming interesting and easy to follow. After you learn to write code, you can focus on producing your own web content, from the beginning to the end, without any expensive software developers. Also, if you are above-average skilled, you can become one and make loads of money.

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Create Your Own Website

It is important that software corresponds to the needs of beginners and professionals; starting with the simplest steps and evolving to tools complex enough to satisfy more experienced users. Individuals should also consider which type of brand or business they want to develop and select the most convenient code for the purpose.

Also, some websites allow to add an unlimited number of pages. The most efficient web creators include a blog manager. Blogs are more dynamic and require updates.



User-friendliness is one of the key assets when it comes to web builders, and the obstacles should be kept to a minimum especially when we are talking about beginners with no particular coding experience. Besides usability, interface and layout should also be attractive, but still, they are not the primary focus. It is more important to choose a web builder that comes with setup wizard. Yes, there are some out there without this tool.



Good web builders will offer an array of templates which save time, but they also appeal in design and come with an automatic image library with GIFS and clip art, etc. Also, they should provide the necessary options to adjust the images like cropping, resizing, etc.



Depending on your personal preferences, you may opt for a paid web builder or a free one. Some of the free ones are also pretty good and they should not be discredited just because they are free. They will do the job, especially if you are a beginner.

The Three Coders

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Benjamin Wheatley

Visionary, technology addict and die-hard coder. He will find a way to solve anything.

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James Dempsey

Thinking out of the box is critical in programming and he is no stranger to that.

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John Roehl

You ask, he delivers. More than you asked. He is careful and patient.

Web Design Trends And Tips

Every year brings some new trends, but there are some basic elements that stay the same. What is important to make your web design attractive to readers? First of all, the layout should not overshadow the content. The readers should always be given an ideal setting for reading the content with minimum distractions.

The role of web designers has grown immensely in the past decade and they became a crucial element for businesses worldwide as they are the ones who give the final touch to the digital representation of the business. All of that led to a closer collaboration between web designers and developers who joined forces to create the best outcome. Since content is king, web designers often focus on emphasizing letters that should be clearly visible in a larger font.

2017 saw the rise of CSS grid and flexbox which support more highlighted layouts. Since recent on, developers rather use SVGs than GIFS and the JPG format due to the many advantages they offer. SVGs solved the resolution problem as they look good on any type of screen because they are not based on pixels but vectors. Many developers love SVGs because they also do not need a HTTP which enables the website to load faster. Even if the content is still number 1, colors are still a big deal, and bright and shiny colors will contribute to any website making it look joyful and interesting.

We are looking forward to new trends in the world of technology and computers and what the mesmerizing digital world will offer us in the near future. Below you can share some scripts, code, projects, news, advice with us. We'll be happy to hear from you.