Top 5 Sport Plugins

5 Java Plugins for Sports

Java is one of the ruling and dominant programming languages for web content, and its many plugins enable users to enjoy extended features which improve visibility, access, and so much more. Of course, the sports fans need also different plugins to watch different sports events and matches, as well as to play sports video games. Java’s got it all covered and provides many extensions for those who always need “a bit more.”

Sports extensions are one of the rarest, probably because sports fans are not so much into geeky things, but still, several are available via your chrome browser that provide for a more sensational sports experience and the needed information right on spot. If you are a sports junkie, you will love this 5 sports plugins which make life easier for all sports fans out there.

Sports Scoreboard

If you want to have the score board always ready, you should check out this plugin. It simply lists the scores of all teams for different sports. The plugin is limited only to this simple activity, except an additional link to the ESPN of the game. Nevertheless, many love it because it is fast and accessible. Real-time results are available, but one may also check on past scores. It backs up different sports, like NLF, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, NHL, and MLB.

Baseball Player Search

If you want to know everything a about baseball player, this plugin will feature all data on the entered athlete. The amazing part is that it collects data from seven websites and not just one. You do not have to bother to search website per website but simply click on this plugin icon in chrome and enter the name of a baseball player


This one is for fantasy sports league fans and it highlights the names of players you want to add to your team which makes your choice easier when you search online for them. It is quick, practical, and serves as a suggestion to gamers who may have not decided whom they want on their fantasy team.

Ultimate Football Results

We had Sports Scoreboard, but this plugin is about football only. Users have a menu at the top, and the results are given in a grid. Major leagues are automatically listed, but users can also search through other and inferior leagues in the so-called Peek Section. A Tweet option is also given, and you can share the score with your Twitter friends in no time.

Are You Watching This?!

If you want to avoid watching boring matches and catching up on the good ones (as every sports fan), then, this extension can help you out. It is like a service that watches games for you and reports back on how good the match is. It comes with a rating table including Epic, Hot, Good, and Ok. Of course, when it says Epic, it means that the game should not be missed, and we are certain that the hottest fans tune in immediately. Despite tending towards subjectivity, this extension is still pretty accurate in its rating of what is a great and not so great game.