A Multiplayer Live Coding Strategy Game For Beginners

Computer science is an attractive field, and many students of all ages showed great interest in the exciting area. Still, computer science is not a piece of cake, and it requires thorough knowledge especially when it comes to complex matters like programming.

Still, many platforms have recently appeared to back up students in an efficient way to grasp at least the basics. CodeCombat is one of such platforms that offers not only substantial learning opportunities but also a lot of fun.

What Is CodeCombat?

CodeCombat is one of the favorite programming platforms that attracts not only a large number of students, but also teachers. It is classroom-based, but yet it diverts from conventional and boring learning styles as the learning process takes place through game-playing.

The real-life games have been tested to make sure that they correspond to students’ needs. They have proven very efficient even for those who have no background knowledge in programming. The platform approaches coding as something everyone can do and takes the pressure off learners.

It is a refreshment in teaching given that programming was seen as something not related to regular schoolwork and now teachers and students have the opportunity to incorporate it into daily activities.

Learning Through Games

Games proved to have long-term benefits in education since they offer students the right challenges they have to master, and the whole process improves their performance, their focus, concentration, and they do not forget what they have learned soon after they are done with a topic. Games offer students to learn from their mistakes on the spot and try again until they master a unit or topic. In addition, challenges are exciting and entertaining which proved to be a successful recipe with all kinds of students. CodeCombat has been carefully designed to offer a holistic approach to learning and understanding concepts. The puzzles and challenging activities offer beginners, as well as those who are more advanced, the ideal learning-gaming setting to learn writing code.

You may try out the demo version which is free and see how it works with your students before you decide to purchase it. It is a compilation of puzzles and riddles that students find irresistible and engage very quickly. Students are given the ability to learn through their own examples whereby they are drawn into the learning process immediately without any boring theoretical pre-teaching. Their motivation will be fuelled by the challenge and self-confidence as they progress through the game.