Top 10 JavaScript Games

Programming languages are highly in demand as software developers became the most desired work force in the labor market. Many individuals are looking for a re-qualification and search the Internet to find the best way to learn programming languages. Computer Science became the number one industry, and everyone wants to be a part of it. It requires developing programming skills and mastering different code languages that website owners need to create web content. Which of them are the best that can benefit you in the future as a beginner and professional can be found below. Take a look at our list of the most desirable programming languages of 2017, besides JavaScript.

The Top Ten

Python is great for any general application and an overall programming language. Its syntax is not demanding, and therefore it was crowned as the 1st programming language. Its growth in 2016 was 54%. Beginners can especially benefit from Python as it is not complex and simple in design, and also, it offers a series of frameworks.

This scripting language is mostly focused on web content development. As a matter of fact, Facebook uses it as a base, as well as WordPress. This information says a lot about the quality and reliability of this language program. Web developers are aware of the significance of this server-side implementation, so it is highly recommended in the computer tech world.

Go with Go if you are a beginner as this language is focused on simple code but still creates steady and reliable software. It has been around for a decade. Three Google employees came up with the idea in 2007. It is convenient and used by APIs, web-servers, and many others, including production systems by Google. All of the listed makes it one of the top 5 implemented languages.

Hex GL is a JavaScript racing game in 3D which provides for an advanced graphic. It includes floating ships and players need to avoid walls and manage tight turns, whereby they also have to control the speed. It was actually developed by a student who paved the way for graphically-enhanced HTML 5 games.

Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rail’s growth in 2016 was over 66%. It is associated with high power and not only its simplicity. It is mostly used for general purposes. It is also implemented for the development of different web applications. Web designers swear on this multiple paradigm object-oriented language.

Scala was developed to complement Java and cover up for all what Java lacked. It is aimed at general purposes, and its resultant code was designed to operate on Java VM. It grew by 54% in 2016. Also, it was developed in a way that its demand commands its growth.