Top 10 JavaScript Games

Web designers, programmers, software developers, and video games developers profited immensely since Ajax was introduced, and all of them prefer JavaScript. JavaScript made it possible for developers to create anything on the web from animation to CSS manipulations. JavaScript libraries are also free to be used, and they facilitate all the processes. JavaScript became especially popular with games development due to its simple but efficient systems.

JavaScript games are numerous, and the gaming industry relies heavily on the programming language, but which ten are the best and most popular is found below. Since plugins became way too inconvenient, JavaScript developed web-based platforms that enable easier access. Smartphones are also compatible with most JavaScript games which further enhances the gaming experience.

The Top Ten

Invaders From Mars is a classic game featuring fights against aliens, and it requires Sound Manager 2 from the JavaScript library.

Travians resembles the game SIMS as it includes characters who can communicate with other characters, and multiple players are allowed. It is fully Ajaxed and xajax is required from the JavaScript library.

DigAttack is a 2D JavaScript game that relies on live data through Digg API. The Canvas-rendered images are in real-time and the game has a huge fan-base that likes action.

Nothing To Hide includes innovative HTML 5 features. The game revolves around political elections, danger, and surveillance. The plot is well-developed which makes it distinctive from other games. As gamers progress through the different levels, they encounter new elements and more limitations which spice up the game as a whole

Hex GL is a JavaScript racing game in 3D which provides for an advanced graphic. It includes floating ships and players need to avoid walls and manage tight turns, whereby they also have to control the speed. It was actually developed by a student who paved the way for graphically-enhanced HTML 5 games.

Kingdom of Loathing - Rescuing King Ralph and continuing with the adventures with limited access to abilities one had before still keeps gamers in suspense. With a huge gamer base, Kingdom of Loathing is one of the top JavaScript and HTML games ever developed. It’s a multiplayer game, and developers left plenty of room for interaction among players

2048 represents a mathematical puzzle where the goal is to create a tile with the value 2048, but the board space is limited. It creates the perfect blend of thrill and nerve-wracking.

Roll It is played by using your smartphone as the controller on a web-based monitor. The game also allows playing and pairing up with other gamers to unlock different power-ups. It is supported by a series of browsers, but it might not be as sophisticated as Wii technologies.

Dark Room is based on figuring out the next step on your own. It is a text-based game, and the game is fully operable on smartphones now.

Cookie Clicker has been around since 2013, but new additions and innovations are added on a regular basis which keep the game still relevant and interesting. The latest version includes dungeons and seasons that match real-life weather seasons.

Candy-Box is a text-based game and slightly resembles Dark Room. Pieces of candy are offered to the player which they can either eat or throw to defend themselves. More powers and abilities are acquired as one progresses through the game.